Where Are We Going

By | December 30, 2018

This page consists of the answer, cheat and hack for Wheel of Fortune database for the category Where are we going.

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Do Wheel of fortune Contestant Keep their winnings?

In Short Yes All the Contestant keep their winnings. All the winnings like cash prizes trips etc are taxed like regular income.


Where Are We GoingNumber
Total Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
Accessing Genealogy Websites3269
Bidding In An Online Auction5247
Drinking An Energy Drink4218
Eating Breakfast At Cracker Barrel5306
Eating Dinner2126
Eating Lunch2116
Enjoying A Glass Of Tea5198
Fishing In The Lake4167
Gathering Seashells On The Sea Shore6319
Gathering Seashells On The Shore5289
Getting An A On A History Test7247
Going For A Jog4125
Going To The Gym4135
Hanging Red Lanterns3187
Hiking Through The Rainforest4266
Jogging Down The Block4197
Kayaking & Swimming2168
Listening To Someone Play Mandolin5309
Performing Card Tricks32010
Picking Classes2147
Planning A Fabulous Date Night5268
Playing In The Front Yard5217
Preparing For Company3199
Riding A Double-Decker Bus In London6306
Selling My Car3127
Shopping For Antique Furniture4278
Shopping In Brooklyn3188
Sipping A Cold Drink4177
Staying Warm On A Chilly Night6257
Taking A Bus Tour4146
Traveling A Gravel Road To A Hot Spring8329
Whispering Softly I Love You52410


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