The 80’s

By | December 30, 2018

This page consists of the answer, cheat and hack for Wheel of Fortune database for the category The 80’s.

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The 80'sNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
A Groovy Kind Of Love5171
Ace Ventura2103
Addicted To Love3148
Against The Wind By Bob Seger6247
Alex Mallory & Jennifer Keaton4254
Alf From Melmac3133
All The Right Moves4163
Always On My Mind By Willie Nelson7286
American Pie2118
An Officer And A Gentleman5222
Another Day In Paradise By Phil Collins7337
Another One Bites The Dust5227
Another One Bites The Dust By Queen7297
Astronaut Sally Ride Makes History5309
Austin Powers2126
Baby Sitters Club3154
Back To The Future4154
Bad Reputation By Joan Jett5233
Banana Clips2116
Bandana Tied Around One Leg5237
Barbie And The Rockers4196
Barbra Streisand's Memory3236
Be Kind, Rewind3122
Beat It By Michael Jackson5224
Beds Are Burning3144
Belinda Carlisle2157
Belle & Sebastian2145
Benji The Hunted3145
Best Friend Necklaces3194
Bette Davis Eyes3145
Beverly Hills Cop3157
Big Hair273
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure4274
Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure5304
Bill Nye The Science Guy5204
Billie Jean By Michael Jackson5266
Bon Jovi273
Book It264
Boom Box274
Borderline By Madonna31910
Breakfast Club2139
British Knights2147
Bruce Springsteen's Born In The Usa6305
Bruce Willis Stars In Die Hard6255
Burning Down The House4197
Cabbage Patch Kids3167
Careless Whisper2158
Carmen Sandiego2146
Cassette Tapes2138
Celebration By Kool & The Gang52411
Centerfield By John Fogerty42411
Charles In Charge3157
Charm Necklaces2145
Cher Stars In Moonstruck4214
Chia Pets284
Chunky Sweaters2146
Control By Janet Jackson4217
Crazy Little Thing Called Love5265
Crazy Little Thing Called Love By Queen7335
Crazy Train By Ozzy Osbourne5245
Crocodile Dundee2159
Cyndi Lauper2115
Cyndi Lauper Wins Grammy Award5265
Dark Crystal2114
Darkness Falls Across The Land5268
Debbie Gibson2126
Degrassi Junior High3188
Detroit Introduces The Minivan4277
Did You Ever Know That You'Re My Hero?8313
Dirty Dancing2125
Doing The Moonwalk3165
Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto4194
Don Johnson In Miami Vice5213
Don Johnson Stars In Miami Vice6263
Don't Stand So Close To Me6215
Don't Stand So Close To Me By The Police9325
Don't Stop Believin' By Journey5275
Don't Worry Be Happy4175
Don't Worry Be Happy By Bobby Mcferrin7325
Donkey Kong2106
Double Dare2106
Dynasty & Dallas2137
E.T. Phone Home3112
East & West Germany Reunite4224
Easy Bake Oven3124
Ebony And Ivory3135
Eddie Murphy In Beverly Hills Cop6285
Endless Love2117
Every Breath You Take4185
Every Breath You Take By The Police7295
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic7305
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic By The Police 80's Song/Artist12565
Every Step You Take I'll Be Watching You8335
Everybody Wants You By Billy Squier6309
Everybody's Got A Hungry Heart52611
Everybody's Working For The Weekend53111
Express Yourself By Madonna4247
Eye Of The Tiger4133
Facts Of Life3115
Family Ties2106
Fashion Trends2137
Fast Times At Ridgemont High5244
Ferris Bueller's Day Off4216
Flight Of The Navigator4206
For Your Eyes Only Only For You7253
Forever Your Girl By Paula Abdul6277
Fraggle Rock2117
Freeway Of Love3137
Fresh Prince Of Bel Air5195
Friendship Bracelets21910
Frosted Tips2117
Full House294
G.I. Joe252
Gag Me With A Spoon5153
Garbage Pail Kids3157
George Michael2136
Girls Just Want To Have Fun6225
Girls Just Want To Have Fun By Cyndi Lauper9355
Gizmo The Gremlin3155
Glenn Close Stars In Fatal Attraction6325
Glo Worm273
Glory Days295
Golden-Brown Tan21411
Good Morning Vietnam3184
Hands Across America3185
Happy Gilmore2125
He-Man & She-Ra2105
Highway To Heaven3157
Hit Me With Your Best Shot6213
Hit Movie Flashdance3183
Holiday By Madonna3167
Honey I Shrunk The Kids5195
Honey, I Shrunk The Kids5196
How To Solve A Rubik's Cube6223
How Will I Know By Whitney Houston7283
Hulk Hogan294
Hungry Like The Wolf By Duran Duran7296
Hurts So Good By John Mellencamp6275
Hypercolor Tshirt21610
I Am Serious And Don't Call Me Shirley8311
I Am Serious And Don't Call Me Shirley!8311
I Am Serious And Don't Call Me Shirley!?8321
I Believe The Children Are Our Future7311
I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That9301
I Feel The Need The Need For Speed8271
I Got A New Attitude5161
I Just Called To Say I Love You8241
I Know There's Something Going On?6291
I Ran So Far Away5131
I Still Haven't Found What I'M Looking For8351
I Want A New Drug By Huey Lewis & The News10311
I Want My Mtv4101
I Want To Know What Love Is7211
I Was Born In A Small Town7201
I Wear My Sunglasses At Night6241
I'M So Excited And I Just Can't Hide It9313
I'M Starting With The Man In The Mirror8323
I'M Walking On Sunshine4203
I've Fallen, And I Can't Get Up7244
I've Got The Brains You've Got The Looks8334
If I Could Turn Back Time6202
If I Could Turn Back Time By Cher8262
If You Build It He Will Come7222
If You Love Sombody Set Them Free7272
Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade6297
Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom7307
It's Just Another Manic Monday5264
It's Still Rock And Roll To Me By Billy Joel10354
It's The End Of The World As We Know It10304
It's The Eye Of The Tiger And The Cream Of The Fight12414
Jack & Diane By John Mellencamp5254
Jack And Diane By John Mellencamp6284
Jane Fonda Workout3164
Janet Jackson2125
Janie's Got A Gun4147
Janie's Got A Gun By Aerosmith6257
Jelly Shoes2105
Jem & The Holograms3153
Jim Kelly283
Joe Montana2103
John Mcenroe Wins Three Wimbledon Titles6354
Jordache Jeans2138
Jose Canseco2114
Jurassic Park2128
Karate Kid296
Karma Chameleon2145
Kate & Allie294
Kelly Kapowski2135
Kevin Bacon Stars In Footloose5265
Killer Klowns From Outer Space5266
Knight Rider2116
L.A. Gear262
Larry Bird295
Larry Bird And Magic Johnson Rivalry6315
Leg Warmers2103
Legs By Zz Top4114
Les Miserables Opens On Broadway5283
Let's Dance2105
Let's Get Physical3165
Like A Prayer By Madonna5204
Like A Virgin By Madonna5204
Like Totally2114
Lisa Frank294
Listening To My Boom Box5209
Little Red Corvette By Prince5256
Living In America3156
Living In America By James Brown6276
Love Come Down3124
Love Is A Battlefield4184
Macintosh Computers2189
Magic Johnson2125
Man In The Mirror4143
Man In The Mirror By Michael Jackson7303
Mary Lou Retton3134
Material Girl By Madonna4218
Max Headroom2113
Melanie Griffith In Working Girl5287
Miami Vice295
Michael Jackson2147
Michael Jackson's Thriller3247
Michael Jordan2137
Michael Keaton Stars In Mr. Mom6257
Mike Tyson Becomes Heavyweight Champion5354
Miss You Much By Janet Jackson6254
Molly Ringwald2135
Money For Nothing3155
Montell Jordan2137
Mood Ring284
Mr. Roboto By Styx4142
Mtv Debuts All-Music Format4233
Muppet Babies2126
My Buddy & Kid Sister4162
My Little Pony3122
My Pet Monster3122
My Two Dads392
Mystic Pizza2116
National Lampoon's European Vacation4338
National Lampoon's Vacation3258
Neon Sweatbands2144
Never Gonna Give You Up Never Gonna Let You Down10395
New Kids On The Block5173
Nineteen Ninety-Nine By Prince4268
Nintendo Gameboy2158
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now5239
Oliver & Company2136
On Our Own By Bobby Brown6202
Open Arms284
Pac Man263
Pac-Man & Donkey Kong3166
Pac-Man & Space Invaders3196
Papa Don't Preach By Madonna5244
Parachute Pants2149
Paula Abdul2105
Pauly Shore2105
Pee-Wee Big Adventure3186
Pee-Wee's Big Adventure3197
Piano Rock295
Pick Up The Phone And Call Ghostbusters7334
Pillow People2126
Pogo Ball284
Polo Cologne2114
Pound Puppies2125
Pour Some Sugar On Me By Def Leppard8294
President Ronald Reagan3219
Pretty In Pink3126
Prince's Album Purple Rain4238
Punky Brewster2135
Purple Rain By Prince4186
Put Me In Coach I'M Ready To Play Today9313
Raiders Of The Lost Ark5197
Rainbow Brite2127
Rapture By Blondie3167
Raspberry Beret2149
Reading Rainbow2147
Reebok Freestyle2156
Reebok Pumps2116
Reeboks With The Straps4207
Remember The Time By Michael Jackson6318
Revenge Of The Nerds4177
Rhythm Is Gonna Get You5196
Rick Springfield2154
Risky Business2135
Rob Lowe273
Rocky Balboa2115
Romancing The Stone3179
Rose Petal Place3144
Royals Capture World Series Crown5296
Rubik's Cube2106
Sad Songs Say So Much5173
Saved By The Bell4145
Say Anything2113
Scarecrow And Mrs. King4199
Scrunchies & Leg Warmers32010
Sharp Dressed Man By Zz Top6225
She Wore A Raspberry Beret5223
She Works Hard For The Money6233
She's A Maniac Maniac On The Floor7285
She's Got Bette Davis Eyes5225
Shock The Monkey3145
Shoulder Pads2128
Shout Shout Let It All Out6215
Sideways Ponytails2178
Simply Irresistible2186
Sister Christian2156
Sixteen Candles2147
Snap Out Of It!4114
Solving A Rubik's Cube4197
Some Guys Have All The Luck6224
Somebody's Watching Me32010
Sometimes Love Don't Feel Like It Should7349
Star Wars284
Start Me Up By The Rolling Stones7275
Starter Jackets2147
Steve Urkel2105
Strawberry Shortcake21910
Stray Cat Strut I'M A Ladies' Cat7275
Sunday Bloody Sunday3186
Super Mario Bros.3145
Super Mario Brothers3185
Super Nintendo2135
Sweet Child O' Mine4165
Sweet Child O' Mine By Guns N' Roses8295
Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This6245
Sweet Valley Twins3165
Take Me Down To The Paradise City7274
Take My Breath Away4164
Take These Broken Wings And Learn To Fly8334
Teddy Ruxpin2115
Tee Shirt Clips3133
Teen Beat284
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles4257
Television Miniseries Lonesome Dove43210
Tell Her About It By Billy Joel7254
Tell It To My Heart5154
That's What Friends Are For5236
The Best Of Times4143
The Boys Of Summer4153
The Boys Of Summer By Don Henley7263
The Breakfast Club3163
The California Raisins3203
The Care Bears3123
The Clapper2103
The Cosby Show3123
The Eye Of The Tiger5163
The Final Countdown3173
The Go-Go's283
The Golden Girls3143
The Goonies2103
The Great Mouse Detective4223
The Jefferson's2133
The Karate Kid3123
The Legend Of Zelda4163
The Macarena2113
The Mullet293
The Power Of Love By Huey Lewis & The News9323
The Princess Bride3163
The Shawshank Redemption3223
The Shining2103
The Soviet Union Collapses4233
The Terminator2133
The Way You Make Me Feel By Michael Jackson9353
The X-Files293
This Is Ourselves Under Pressure5284
This Is What It Sounds Like When Doves Cry9344
Three Men And A Baby5165
Thriller By Michael Jackson4248
Tight Rolled Jeans3165
Time After Time By Cyndi Lauper6264
Tinkerbell Nail Polish32010
Tom Cruise293
Tom Cruise & Dustin Hoffman In Rain Man7313
Tom Hanks Stars In Splash5213
Tonight I Celebrate My Love5237
Tonight I Gotta Cut Loose Footloose6307
Top Gun263
Total Eclipse Of The Heart5225
Trans-Am With T-Tops3167
Transforme Rs (Looks Like Two Words)63110
Trapper Keeper2137
Trapper Keepers2147
Troy Aikman2104
True Colors By Cyndi Lauper5234
Uptown Girl By Billy Joel5216
Vacation All I Ever Wanted5228
Valley Girl2106
Vanna Makes Her Wheel Debut5235
Vanna White Debuts On Wheel Of Fortune7325
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go6214
Walk Like An Egyptian4184
Wanted Dead Or Alive By Bon Jovi7266
Wax On Wax Off4113
We Are The World4132
We Are The World We Are The Children8292
We Built This City4152
We Built This City On Rock And Roll8282
We Didn't Start The Fire5202
We Didn't Start The Fire By Billy Joel8312
Weird Science2125
Welcome To The Jungle4187
Welcome To The Jungle By Guns N' Roses8317
Well I Guess We'Re Gonna Have To Take Control 80's Song Lyrics12514
What I Like About You5174
What You Talkin' Bout Willis?5244
What's Love Got To Do With It7236
What's Love Got To Do With It By Tina Turner10356
When Doves Cry3124
When Doves Cry By Prince5204
When Harry Met Sally4174
When I Think Of You By Janet Jackson8294
Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?7325
Where The Streets Have No Name6255
Where We'Re Going We Won't Need Roads7315
Where's The Beef3147
Where's La Gear?3136
White Wedding By Billy Idol5235
Who Framed Roger Rabbit4203
Who Shot J.R.?3103
Who's The Boss3125
Wind Beneath My Wings4184
Wind Beneath My Wings By Bette Midler7314
With Or Without You4164
Won't You Take Me To Funkytown?6265
Working For The Weekend4207
Working For The Weekend By Loverboy6307
You Can't Do That On Television6263
You Give Love A Bad Name6193
You Give Love A Bad Name By Bon Jovi9283
You Shook Me All Night Long6223
You'Re Killing Me Smalls4216
You'Re The Inspiration3206
Zack Morris2104

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