Fictional Character

By | December 29, 2018

This page consists of the answer, cheat and hack for Wheel of Fortune database for the category Fictional Character.

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Fictional CharacterNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
A Damsel In Distress4171
A Giant Robot3111
A Howling Werewolf3161
A Knight In Shining Armor5211
A Phantom Holding A Sickle5221
A Vampire Freaking Out At A Ray If Sunlight9351
A Vampire Freaking Out At A Ray Of Sunlight9351
Abominable Snowman21710
Ace Ventura2103
Agent Smith2105
Albus Dumbledore2155
Alex Cross294
Alien Creatures2145
Allison Pond2117
Alvin & The Chipmunks3175
Alvin And The Chipmunks4205
Amanda Waller2126
Amazing Shapeshifters2207
Amelia Bedelia2136
Amy Farrah Fowler3153
Amy Poehler As Joy4153
Anakin Skywalker2156
Anastasia Steele & Christian Grey4289
Ancient Greek Gods3167
Andy Capp284
Angela Bennett2136
Angelica Pickles2158
Ann Darrow & King Kong4173
Anna Scott294
Annie Savoy & Ray Kinsella4215
Annie Savoy And Ray Kinsella5245
Aphrodite & Adonis2159
Aphrodite Goddess Of Love4229
Aphrodite Goddess Of Love And Beauty6319
Aphrodite Goddess Of The Love & Beauty6319
Aphrodite The Goddess Of Love & Beauty6319
Apollo & Cassandra2156
Apollo God Of Music4166
Apollo The God Of Sun5176
Apollo The God Of The Sun6206
Archie & Jughead2136
Archie, Jughead, Betty, & Veronica4267
Artemis The Goddess3177
Arthur Fonzarelli2166
Athena The Goddess Of Wisdom5246
Atomic Skull2116
Austin Powers2126
Baby Luma284
Bacchus & Ariadne2147
Balder & Odin2106
Barney And Betty Rubble4206
Barney Rubble2126
Barney The Purple Dinosaur4236
Baron Helm295
Baron Helmut Zemo3155
Bart & Lisa Simpson3154
Bart Simpson2114
Bartender Isaac Washington3249
Batman & Robin2116
Batman And Robin3146
Batman Villain Scarecrow3226
Bazooka Joe2107
Beautiful Heroine2169
Beautiful Princess2179
Beautiful Princesses & Handsome Princes4349
Beautiful Princesses And Handsome Princes5379
Beaver Cleaver2136
Becky Thatcher2135
Bella & Edward2115
Beloved Icon2117
Ben Grimm283
Ben Reilly293
Bert & Ernie294
Betty & Barney Rubble3175
Betty Boop295
Betty Ross295
Betty Rubble2115
Beverly Goldberg2157
Big Bad Wolf3103
Big Bird273
Big Bird, Bert, & Ernie4163
Big Nate273
Bilbo Baggins2125
Bill Compton & Sookie Stackhouse4274
Birdo & Pauline2125
Biscuit The Dog3137
Bizarro & Black Adam3167
Bizarro And Black Adam4197
Black Beauty2115
Black Belt295
Black Bolt295
Black Cat285
Black Knight2115
Black Panther2125
Black Widow2105
Black Zero & Brainiac3175
Blake Carrington2155
Blanche Dubois2137
Blossom Bubbles & Buttercup3237
Blue Dragon Video Games4204
Bo & Luke Duke3102
Bob Cratchit2113
Boris And Natasha3155
Boris Badenov & Natasha Fatale4255
Bozo The Clown3124
Brave Rescuers2135
Brom Bones294
Brother & Sister Bart & Lisa Simpson5287
Bruce Wayne2105
Bruce Wayne's Alter Ego Batman5255
Bubbles & Dory2117
Bucky Barnes2115
Buddy The Elf3115
Bugs Bunny294
Bulldog Drummond2157
Buzz Lightyear2134
Buzz Lightyear & Woody3184
Cable & Stryfe2115
Calliope The Muse3158
Calvin & Hobbes2126
Camilla The Chicken3177
Caped Crusader2135
Caped Crusaders2145
Captain Britain2147
Captain Caveman2147
Captain Hook2117
Captain Jack Sparrow3187
Captain James T. Kirk4177
Captain Jean-Luc Picard3207
Captain Kathryn Janeway3217
Captain Marvel2137
Captain Merrill Stubing3217
Care Bears294
Carol Danvers2125
Carrie & Big296
Carrie Bradshaw2146
Carrie Miranda Samantha & Charlotte4306
Castor & Pollux2126
Catwoman & The Penguin3188
Catwoman And The Penguin4218
Centaurs & Nymphs2148
Cerberus The Three-Headed Dog4258
Cersei Lannister2156
Chandler & Phoebe2148
Charismatic Creatures22011
Charlie Brown & Snoopy3187
Charlie Brown Snoopy & Woodstock4277
Charlotte York2139
Cheshire Cat2118
Chicken Little2137
Chief Antagonist2155
Chinese Checkers2157
Chip & Dale284
Chris & Liam Hemsworth3185
Chris Pratt As Owen Grady5215
Christmas Elves2149
Chuck Todd295
Cinderella & Her Fairy Godmother42710
Cinderella & Prince Charming32410
Cinderella And Prince Charming42710
Cinderella's Wicked Stepsisters32811
Cindy Lou Who3115
Cinnamon-Raisin Muffins22114
Claire Dunphy2126
Claire Underwood2156
Clarence Obody The Angel4218
Clarence Odbody The Angel4228
Clark Kent295
Clark Kent & Lois Lane4175
Cleveland Brown2149
Clifford The Big Red Dog5208
Comet & Cupid2105
Comet Cupid Donner & Blitzen4235
Comic Book Superhero3185
Comic Sidekick2135
Comic-Book Superhero2189
Commander Waterford2189
Compassionate Villain22013
Conan The Barbarian3175
Cookie Monster2136
Count Dracula2125
Country Mouse & City Mouse4217
Country Mouse And City Mouse5247
Coven Of Witches3145
Creature With Supernatural Powers4308
Creatures From Outer Space4239
Creepy Creatures2156
Creepy Mummy2116
Cruise Director Julie Mccoy4246
Cupid & Comet2105
Cupid The God Of Love5175
Curious George2137
Cylon Number Six3145
Daddy Warbucks2135
Daffy Duck295
Dame Edna Everage3154
Damsel In Distress3166
Dancing Goblins2147
Daniel Plainview2156
Daredevil Villain Bullseye3249
Daredevil Villian Bullseye3249
Daria Morgendorffer2185
Darkwing Duck2128
Darrell Cartrip2147
Darth Vader2105
Darth Vader & Luke Skywalker4235
Dasher & Dancer2126
Dasher Dancer Prancer And Vixen5276
Demeter & Ceres2127
Demeter & Persephone2177
Demeter The Goddess Of Harvest5267
Demeter The Goddess Of The Harvest6297
Dennis The Menace3156
Dennis The Menace & Mr. Wilson5236
Detective Isaac Bell3189
Devilish Imps2128
Devils & Demons2126
Devils & Villains2146
Devils & Villians2146
Diana & Apollo2115
Diana Prince's Alter Ego Wonder Woman6315
Diane Farrow2115
Dick Tracy294
Digital Pets2117
Diminutive Dynamo Wasp32010
Dirty Harry2105
Dirty Harry Callahan3185
Diva Plavalaguna2154
Doctor Dolittle2146
Doctor Doom2106
Doctor Frankenstein2186
Doctor Octopus2136
Doctor Who296
Dodge Challenger2155
Don Draper293
Don Quixote And Sancho Panza5243
Donald & Daisy Duck3156
Donald Duck2106
Donner & Blitzen2136
Doomsday & General Zod3188
Dorothy And Toto3147
Dorothy From The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz7337
Dorothy Gale2117
Dory & Nemo284
Double Apple Pie With Cornmeal Crust6316
Dr Mccoy And Uhura4152
Dr. Bruce Banner3132
Dr. Dolittle2102
Dr. Emmett Brown3132
Dr. Frankenstein2142
Dr. Frankenstein's Assistant Igor4282
Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde5172
Dr. Mccoy & Uhura3122
Dr. No242
Dr. Sivana282
Dragons & Knights2147
Dreamers & Doers2138
Dreamers And Doers3168
Dumbo The Elephant3165
Dwarves Goblins & Gnomes3207
Dynamic Duo2107
Easter Bunny2116
Ebenezer Scrooge2158
Echo & Hera284
Echo & Narcissus2134
Ed & Trixie Norton3142
Eddie Brock2105
Edward Scissorhands2186
Eerie Ghosts2115
Eeyore & Piglet2126
Elinor Dashwood2146
Eliza Thornberry2155
Ellen Ripely2115
Ellen Ripley2115
Ellis Boyd Redding3165
Elmer Fudd295
Elves & Dwarves2125
Elves & Fairies2125
Elves & Gnomes2115
Enchanted Princess2179
Energizer Bunny2149
Eric Cartman2114
Eros & Cupid294
Eros & Psyche2104
Eros And Psyche3134
Eros God Of Love4134
Ethan Hunt295
Evil Jester2104
Evil King284
Evil Queen294
Evil Scientist2134
Evil Trolls2104
Evil Villain2114
Evil Villan2104
Evil Villian2114
Fairies & Elves2127
Fairy Dust Bunnies3165
Fairy Godmother2145
Fairy-Tale Princess2179
Fantastic Creature2179
Fantastic Mr. Fox3149
Fat Albert293
Father Christmas2156
Father Time2106
Fearsome Creatures2178
Felix The Cat3115
Ferris Bueller2136
Fictional Character2189
Fictional Creature2179
Figure Competition2176
Fine Tooth Comb3134
Fire Breathing Dragon3194
Fire-Breathing Dragon21913
Fire-Breathing Dragons22013
Fire-Breathing Three-Headed Dragon33013
Flash Thompson2135
Flat Stanley2114
Flying Reindeer2146
Flynn Rider2105
Foghorn Leghorn2147
Forrest Gump2117
Fox Mulder293
Fox Mulder & Dana Scully4193
Fozzie Bear2106
Frank Bullitt2125
Frank Underwood2145
Frankenstein & Dracula21912
Frasier Crane2127
Freakish Fiend2138
Fred & Ethel Mertz3144
Fred & Lamont Sanford3174
Fred Flinstone & Barney Rubble4254
Fred Flintstone2144
Fred Flintstone & Barney Rubble4264
Fred Flintstone's Boss Mr. Slate5264
Fred, Daphne, Velma, And Shaggy5245
Freddy Krueger2136
Friar Tuck295
Friendly Alien2138
Friendly Clowns2148
Friendly Extra-Terrestrials2258
Friendly Monster2158
Frightening Creatures22011
Frightening Zombies21811
Frightful Goblins2169
Frightful Ogre2139
Frodo & Bilbo2105
Frodo And Bilbo3135
Frodo Baggins2125
Frolicking Elves21510
Frost Giants2115
Frosty The Snowman3166
Frosty The Snowman & Santa Claus5266
Frosty The Snowman And Santa Claus6296
Funshine Bear2128
G.I. Joe252
Gaea & Oceanus2114
Gaea The Goddess Of The Earth6244
Gandalf The Wizard3167
Gargoyles & Witches2169
Geico Gecko2105
Genie In A Bottle4145
George & Louise Jefferson3216
George Jane Elroy & Judy Jetson5256
George Of The Jungle4176
Georgia On My Mind By Ray Charles7277
Georgie Porgie2137
Ghost Of Christmas Future4225
Ghost Of Christmas Past4205
Ghost Pirate2115
Ghost Pirates2125
Ghost Rider2105
Ghostly Apparition2177
Ghosts & Goblins2136
Giggling Ghouls2148
Gilligan & The Skipper3188
Ginger & Mary Ann3136
Ginger And Mary Ann4166
Glinda The Good Witch4186
Gloria Delgado-Pritchett2226
Gnomes & Fairies2136
Gnomes & Goblins2136
Gnomes And Fairies3166
Goblin Prince2126
Goblins & Fairies2147
Goblins & Gargoyles2167
Goblins & Giants2137
Goblins & Monsters2157
God Of Thunder3123
Goddess Hathor2137
Goddess Libertas2157
Gomez & Morticia Addams3195
Gonzo The Great3135
Goober Pyle2106
Goofy & Donald Duck3155
Gorilla Grodd2127
Gorilla Grudd2127
Gotham City's Commissioner Gordon4296
Grace Hanson2115
Greek Goddess Aphrodite3215
Greek Gods & Goddesses3185
Greek Gods And Goddess4195
Greek Heroes2115
Green Arrow2105
Green Goblin2115
Green Lantern2125
Green Monsters2135
Greg Peter & Bobby Brady4194
Greg Peter And Bobby Brady5224
Grigory Rasputin2157
Grim Reaper2104
Grover & Oscar The Grouch4206
Gumby & Pokey2105
Hades King Of The Underworld5245
Hades The God Of The Netherworld6275
Han Solo & Chewbacca3163
Handsome Prince2148
Handsome Suitors2158
Hank Pym274
Hannibal Lecter2148
Hansel & Gretel2126
Happy & Grumpy2115
Harley Quinn2116
Harold Hill2106
Harriet The Spy3137
Harry & Sally2105
Harry Burns & Sally Albright4235
Harry Potter2115
Hawkeye Pierce2137
Headless Horseman2168
Heckle & Jeckle2126
Heckle And Jeckle3156
Hello Kitty2105
Henry Cavill As The Man Of Steel7265
Herbie The Love Bug4166
Hercule Poirot2137
Hercules & Zeus2128
Hercules Poirot2148
Herman & Lily Munster3176
Hermes & Apollo2126
Hermes Messenger Of The Gods5246
Hermione Granger2158
Heroes & Gods2106
Hestia Goddess2136
Hestia Goddess Of Family4216
High School Mascot3164
High Sparrow2114
Holden Caulfield2156
Holden Colfield2146
Holly Hunter As Elastigirl4235
Homer Simpson2125
Howard The Duck3136
Howling Phantom2147
Howling Phantoms2157
Howling Werewolves2177
Huey Dewey & Louie3144
Huey Dewey And Louie4174
Hulk Villain Abomination3224
Humpty Dumpty2126
Hungry Zombie2126
Hungry Zombies2136
Hunter Rose2106
Icarus & Daedalus2146
Ice Giants293
Ichabod Crane2127
Iconic Superheroes2176
Imaginary Friend2159
Imaginary Friends2169
Indiana Jones2127
Inspector Gadget2159
Izuku Midoriya2135
Jabba The Hutt3125
Jack & Jill284
Jack Frost294
Jack Sprat294
Jack Tripper & Janet Wood4204
Jacob Marley2115
Jade Emperor2114
James Bond295
James P Sullivan3145
James P. Sullivan3145
Jane Jetson2104
Janet Van Dyne3125
Janet Weiss & Brad Majors4205
Jar Jar Binks3113
Jason & The Argonauts3175
Jason Voorhees2135
Jay Gatsby293
Jean Grey284
Jedi Knight2104
Jekyll & Hyde2106
Jerry George Kramer & Elaine4235
Jessica Jones2127
Jessica Jones & Luke Cage4207
Jessica Rabbit2137
Jiminy Cricket2136
John Coffey2104
John Constantine2154
John Mcclane2114
Johnny Cat296
Johnny Storm2116
Jolly Elves2105
Jolly Little Elf3145
Jolly Old St. Nick4145
Jon Osterman2113
Judge Dredd2105
Judy Jetson2104
Jules Winnfield2145
Jumping Out & Screaming Boo!4227
June Cleaver2114
June Jetson2104
Juno Goddess Of Women4184
Juno The Goddess Of Marriage5244
Juno The Queen Of The Gods6214
Juno: Goddess Of Women4184
Jupiter & Juno2117
Jupiter And Juno3147
Jupiter King Of The Gods5207
Jupiter The King Of The Gods6237
Jupitor & Juno2117
Kanaloa Hawaiian God Of The Ocean6287
Katniss Everdeen2157
Kermit The Frog3136
Kermit The Frog & Fizz Is Bear6236
Kermit The Frog & Fozzie Bear5236
Kermit The Frog & Miss Piggy5226
Kevin Spacey2115
Kid Marvelman2123
Kim Possible2113
King Arthur2104
King Arthur & The Knights Of The Round Table8354
King Arthur And His Knights5234
King Kong284
King Kong & Godzilla3164
King Lear284
King Leodegrance2154
King Midas294
King Of The Gods4134
King Pellinore2134
Kitchen God2107
Kitty Pryde2105
Knight On A White Horse5196
Knights Of The Round Table5227
Kraven The Hunter3156
Kris Kringle2114
Kristoff & Olaf2128
Kyle & Hyde284
Kylo Ren274
Lady Macbeth2114
Lady Of The Lake4134
Larry Moe & Curly3135
Laughing Wicked Witch3198
Laura Ingalls & Almanzo Wilder4255
Lava Creatures2134
Lawyer Billy Flynn3166
Legendary Sea Monsters3209
Lenny & Squiggy2125
Leprechaun Sitting On A Pot Of Gold72910
Lily Munster2114
Lisa Simpson2114
Little Bo Peep3126
Little Bo-Peep2126
Little Boy Blue3136
Little Green Men From Mars5226
Little Jack Horner3166
Little Lulu2106
Little Miss Muffet3166
Little Orphan Annie3176
Little Orphan Annie & Sandy4226
Little Red Riding Hood4196
Little Red Riding Hood's Grandmother5316
Little Tommy Tucker3176
Lizard & Leader2126
Loch Ness Monster3154
Logan Mountstuart2165
Lois Lane284
Lois Lane & Clark Kent4174
Lone Ranger & Tonto3154
Lone Ranger's Sidekick Tonto4244
Long John Silver3144
Long-Nosed Troll2149
Lord Voldemort2134
Lorelai Gilmore2147
Lou Grant & Ted Baxter4173
Lucky Elves2105
Lucy & Linus294
Lucy & Schroeder2134
Lucy And Linus3124
Lucy Linus Schroeder And Charlie Brown6334
Lucy Pevensie2124
Lucy Van Pelt3114
Luigi & Princess Peach3185
Luke Cage284
Luke Cage & Jessica Jones4204
Luke Skywalker2134
Luke Skywalker & Princess Leia4254
Luna Lovegood2124
Lurch The Butler3145
Mad Scientist2123
Magical Creatures2167
Magical English Nanny3197
Magical Gnomes2137
Magical Wood Creatures3207
Maid Marian2104
Main Antagonist2144
Make-Believe Friend21711
Man In The Yellow Hat5173
Many Rare Birds3134
Marcia Jan & Cindy Brady4196
Margaery Tyrell2148
Marge & Homer Simpson3175
Marge Simpson2125
Marilyn Munster2147
Marlon Brando2126
Mars The God Of War5154
Martin Riggs2116
Mary Bennet2104
Mary Jane & Peter3134
Mary Poppins2114
Mary Richards2124
Maude Flanders2135
Max & The Wild Things4163
Maxwell Smart2127
Me. Perfect292
Meadow And Aj Soprano4186
Meg Murry & Calvin O'Keefe4203
Meg Murry And Calvin O'Keefe5233
Mera & Aquaman2114
Mera And Aquaman3144
Merlin The Magician3176
Michael Myers2127
Michael Myers & Jason Voorhees4257
Mickey & Minnie Mouse3176
Mickey Mouse2116
Mickey Mouse & Pluto3166
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers4256
Mighty Mouse2116
Mike Doonesbury2144
Mike Wazowski2124
Miles Morales2125
Minerva & Neptune2147
Minerva Mcgonagall2177
Minnie Mouse2116
Minnie Mouse And Mickey Mouse5256
Minotaurs & Dragons2169
Miranda Hobbes2137
Miranda Tate2117
Mirror Man296
Mirror Master2126
Mischevious Gremlins21911
Mischievous Gremlins21911
Mischievous Sprites21811
Miss Marple2104
Miss Piggy294
Miss Scarlet & Colonel Mustard4254
Mister Immortal2146
Mister Sinister2146
Molly Weasley2125
Molten Man296
Monsters & Mummies2158
Monsters & Vampires2168
Moon Jellies2114
Morgana Pendragon2167
Morgana The Sorceress3197
Morris The Cat3126
Morticia & Gomez Adams3188
Morticia & Gomez Addams3198
Mother Earth2116
Mother Goose2116
Mother Nature2126
Mountain Troll2138
Movie Monsters2135
Mr. Big252
Mr. Bubble282
Mr. Darcy272
Mr. Fantastic2112
Mr. Incredible2122
Mr. Magoo272
Mr. Pooper282
Mr. Spock272
Mrs. Claus283
Mrs. Malaprop2113
Mulder & Scully2126
Murphy Brown2116
Muse Of Astronomy3154
Mutant X276
Mutant-Hunting Robot Sentinel32613
Mutant-Hunting Robot Sentinels32713
My Favorite Superhero3192
Mysterious Goblin21610
Mystique & Sabretooth2188
Mythical Beast2138
Mythical Beasts2148
Mythical Goddess Athena3218
Mythological Animals21912
Mythological Creature22012
Mythological God Zeus31912
Mythological Hero Hercules32412
Nancy & Sluggo2115
Nancy Drew295
Naomi & Wynonna Judd3165
Narrow Two-Lane Road3176
Nathan Drake2116
Nathan Winters2136
Neptune God Of The Sea5187
Neptune Roman God Of The Sea6237
New Teen Titans3133
Nick Fury284
Nightcrawler & Cyclops21912
Ninja Warrior2125
Nipper The Rca Dog4156
Norman Bates2116
Norman Osborn2126
Notorious Villains2179
Number Six296
Nymphs & Centaurs2146
Obi-Wan Kenobi2126
Odin & Thor284
Odysseus & The Cyclops3188
Odysseus?And?The Cyclops?22416
Ogres & Giants2115
Olaf The Snowman3144
Old King Cole3113
Old Mother Hubbard3163
Olive Oyl285
Oliver Twist2116
Olympian Gods2128
One-Eyed Cyclops2147
Opus The Penguin3144
Ororo Munroe2115
Oscar The Grouch3145
Pac-Man & Ms. Pac-Man3146
Pac-Man Ghosts2126
Paddington Bear21410
Pagan Gods295
Papa & Brainy Smurf3154
Papa Smurf294
Papa Smurf & Grouchy Smurf4214
Papa Smurf & Smurfette3184
Papa Smurf & The Smurfette4214
Paradise Valley Montana3218
Paranormal Investigation Team32710
Park Mascot2104
Patrick Star And Squidward Tentacles5327
Paul Blart294
Paul Bunyan2104
Paul Mccartney2134
Peach & Crush2105
Pebbles & Bam Bam3137
Pegasus The Winged Horse4217
Peggy Olson2105
Peggy Olson & Don Draper4195
Peggy Olson And Don Draper5225
Pennywise The Clown3179
Pepe Le Pew394
Peppermint Patty21510
Perry Mason2105
Persephone The Goddess Queen Of The Underworld74010
Peter & Lois Griffin3165
Peter And Jane Fonda4175
Peter Cottontale2155
Peter Pan285
Peter Parker2115
Peter Parker And Mary Jane Watson6285
Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater4225
Peter Piper2105
Peter Rabbit2115
Phantom Of The Opera4177
Phil & Claire Foster3164
Phoenix Force2127
Piglet & Eeyore2126
Pinocchio & Geppetto2179
Pippi Longstocking2175
Pirates & Ninjas2137
Pit Roast283
Playful Elves2127
Playful Trolls2137
Popeye The Sailor Man4186
Porky & Petunia Pig3155
Porky Pig285
Powerpuff Girls2149
Prancer & Vixen2127
Praying Mantis2137
Prince Charming2146
Prince Humperdinck2176
Prince Phillip2136
Prince Valiant2136
Princess Jasmine2158
Princess Leia2128
Princess Peach2138
Princesses & Fairies21710
Princesses And Fairies32010
Principal Skinner2169
Prodigy & Squirrel Girl3197
Professor Dumbledore2199
Professor Plum & Mrs Peacock4239
Professor Plum & Mrs. Peacock4239
Professor X2109
Professor Zoom2139
Psyche & Eros2106
Puff The Magic Dragon4184
Punky Brewster2135
Punxsutawney Phil21612
Queen Guinevere2145
Queen Of Hearts3135
Quick Draw Mcgraw3155
Rachel Roth's Alter Ego Raven5246
Radar O'Reilly2125
Raggedy Ann2107
Raggedy Ann & Andy3147
Rainbow Brite2127
Ralphie Parker From A Christmas Story6327
Raymond Babbitt2147
Red Raven283
Red Skull283
Reed Richards2124
Rhett Butler & Scarlett O'Hara4245
Rhett Butler And Scarlett O'Hara5275
Rhett Buttler &Scarlett O'Hara4255
Richie Rich2106
Rin Tin Tin393
Rip Van Winkle3123
Road Runner2104
Robin Hood295
Robin Hood & Friar Tuck4185
Robinson Crusoe2148
Rocket Raccoon2136
Rocky & Adrian Balboa3175
Rocky & Bullwinkle2155
Rocky And Adrian Balboa4205
Rocky And Bullwinkle3185
Rocky Balboa2115
Roderigo & Iago2128
Roger Murtaugh2135
Roger Rabbit2115
Roman Goddess2125
Roman Goddess Venus3175
Romeo And Juliet3145
Romulus And Remus3157
Ron Burgundy & Brick Tamland4233
Ronald Mcdonald2146
Roseanne Conner2148
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer4267
Ruler Of The Sea4135
Sabrina The Teenage Witch4227
Sailor Moon2106
Sam Malone & Coach3143
Sam Malone & Diane Chambers4223
Samantha Jones2138
Samantha Stephens2168
Samwise Gamgee2137
Sansa Stark2105
Santa & His Elves3135
Santa & His Flying Reindeer4225
Santa & Mrs. Claus3135
Santa Claus2105
Santa Claus & His Elves4185
Santa Claus And His Elves5215
Santa Clause & His Elves4195
Santa's Reindeer2146
Santa's Elves2116
Sarah Conner2115
Sarah Connor2115
Saturn & Cronus2126
Scarlet Witch2127
Scarlett & Rhett2138
Scarlett O'Hara2138
Scary Clowns2115
Scary Creature2135
Scary Ghosts2115
Scary Ogres And Friendly Sprites5285
Scary Werewolves2155
Scooby Doo296
Scooby-Doo & Scrappy-Doo2199
Scooby-Doo & Shaggy Being Chased By Monsters6369
Scream Queen2116
Scream Queens2126
Sea Serpents2113
Sea-Monster Goddess21710
Sebastian Dangerfield2209
Sebastian Shaw2139
Seinfeld's Friend George Costanza4299
Seneca Crane2116
Sense Of Equilibrium3185
Serena Joy296
Seven Of Nine3115
Shaggy & Scooby Doo3156
Shaggy & Scooby-Doo2156
Shaggy And Velma3146
Shawn Spencer2125
She- Hulk273
Sheila & Joel Hammond3176
Shere Khan295
Sheriff Of Nottingham3197
Sherlock Holmes2148
Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson4228
Sherlock Holmes & Watson3208
Shrek & Princess Fiona3185
Shrek And Princess Fiona4215
Shylock And Antonio3177
Sideshow Bob2118
Silver Surfer2126
Sinbad The Sailor3156
Sinister Gargoyles2178
Sir Gahlahad2113
Sir Galahad2103
Sir John Falstaff3153
Sir Lancelot2113
Sir Lionel & Sir Lucan4173
Sir Palamedes2123
Sir Percival & Sir Gareth4203
Sir Percival And Sir Gareth5233
Sir Tor & Sir Tristan4163
Skeletons & Ghouls2159
Sleeping Beauty2148
Sleipnir The Eight - Legged Horse5278
Sleipnir The Eight Legged Horse5278
Sleipnir The Eight-Legged Horse4278
Smokey Bear2106
Smokey The Bear3136
Snoopy & Woodstock2156
Snow White294
Snow White's Stepmother3204
Sonic The Hedgehog3165
Space Alien2105
Space Creatures2145
Space Ghost2105
Space Pirate Nebula3175
Spanky Alfalfa & Darla3186
Spanky, Alfalfa, & Darla3187
Spanky, Alfalfa, Buckwheat, & Darla4277
Speed Racer2105
Speed Racer & Trixie3165
Spellbinding Unicorn21912
Spider Man296
Spider Man's Alter-Ego Peter Parker5296
Spider-Man Villain Sandman3239
Sponge Bob Square Pants4206
Spongebob Squarepants2209
Spooky Phantom2136
Spooky Scarecrow2156
Spooky Skeletons2156
Spy Kids' Thumb Thumb4173
Squidward Tentacles2189
Staggering Zombie21610
Staggering Zombies21710
Stanley Kowalski2157
Stephanie Plum2139
Steve Rogers2115
Steve Urkel2105
Steven Quartz Universe3206
Storm Giants2115
Storm Shadow2115
Strawberry Shortcake21910
Sue Storm283
Sugarplum Fairies2169
Sugar-Plum Fairies2169
Sunny Days295
Super Friends2125
Superman & Lois Lane3168
Superman's Arch Enemy Lex Luthor5279
Supernatural Being21712
Supernatural Beings21812
Supernatural Creatures22112
Supernatural Superhero22112
Swamp Creature2135
Swamp Monster2125
Swashbuckling Captain Jack Sparrow43113
Swashbuckling Pirate21913
Sweaters & Fleeces2158
Sweet Polly Purebred3185
Sylvester & Tweety2159
Sylvester And The Magic Pebble5269
Sylvester The Cat3159
Sylvia Tilly2116
Synthetic Humanoid Vision3239
Talia Al Ghul3115
Talking Animals2147
Tarzan & Jane2106
Tarzan And Jane3136
Tazmanian Devil2149
Teddy Ruxpin2115
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles4257
Tennessee Tuxedo2159
Thalia The Muse3136
The Abominable Snowman3203
The Amazing Spider-Man3193
The Ancient God Nun4163
The Ancient Goddess Nut4203
The Artful Dodger3153
The Beautiful Princess3203
The Big Bad Wolf4133
The Blue Fairy3123
The Bluth Family3143
The Bobbsey Twins3153
The Boogeyman2123
The Boy Wonder3123
The Centaurs2113
The Cheshire Cat3143
The Cowardly Lion3153
The Crew Of The Starship Enterprise6303
The Darling Children3183
The Doenton Staff3153
The Downton Staff3153
The Fantastic Four3163
The Farmer And The Stork5203
The Flash283
The Flash Villain Zoom4193
The Flinstones And The Rubbles5263
The Flint Stones & The Rubbles5243
The Flintstones & The Rubbles4243
The Frog Prince3133
The Furies293
The Geico Gecko3133
The Genie In The Magic Mirror6243
The Ghost Of Christmas Past5233
The Ghosts Of Christmas Past Present & Yet-To-Com7393
The Ghosts Of Christmas Past Present And Yet-To-Com8423
The Gingerbread Man3173
The God Atlas3113
The Goddess Hera3143
The Goddess Isis3143
The Goddess Nephthys3183
The Goose Girl3123
The Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs7293
The Gorgons2103
The Great Gazoo3133
The Great Gonzo3133
The Greek God Apollo4173
The Green Knight3143
The Grim Reaper3133
The Grinch293
The Grinch And Cindy Lou Who6233
The Grinch Who Stole Christmas5263
The Griswolds2123
The Hare And The Tortoise5213
The Human Torch3133
The Huntsman2113
The Incredible Hulk3173
The Joker283
The Justice League3163
The Kraken293
The Lannister Family3183
The Little Prince3153
The Lone Ranger3133
The Lone Ranger & Tonto4183
The Mad Hatter3123
The Man In The Yellow Hat6203
The Man In Yellow Hat5173
The Man With No Name5163
The Minotaur2113
The Monster Under The Bed5213
The Muppets2103
The Nine Muses3123
The Nine Muses Of Greek Mythology6283
The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe8263
The Oracle At Delphi4173
The Peanuts Gang3143
The Peanuts Kids3143
The Pied Piper3123
The Pink Panther3143
The Powerpuff Girls3173
The Protagonist Of The Story5243
The Queen Of Hearts4163
The Riddler & The Joker4183
The Road Runner3133
The Scarecrow From The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz8383
The Sea God Poseidon4173
The Sheriff Of Nottingham4223
The Shoemaker & The Elves4203
The Smurfs293
The Spectacular Spider-Man3233
The Thorn Berry Family4193
The Thornberry Family3193
The Three Graces3143
The Three Little Pigs4183
The Three Musketeers3183
The Tooth Fairy3133
The Tortoise & The Hare4183
The Twelve Olympians3183
The Upper Great Lakes Region5243
The Valkyries2123
The White Rabbit3143
The White Witch3133
The Wicked Witch Of The West6233
The Witches Of Macbeth4193
The Wolf & Red Riding Hood5203
The Wolf And Red Riding Hood6233
Thelma And Vinton Harper4216
Theseus & Hippolyta2167
Theseus & The Minotaur3187
Theseus And The Minotaur4217
Thor & Tyr274
Thor The God Of Thunder5194
Thor Villain Loki3154
Three Blind Mice3145
Three Headed Monsters3195
Three-Headed Dog21411
Three-Headed Monster21811
Thumper & Bambi2127
Tinker Bell2106
Tiny Elves294
Tiny Tim274
Titans & Titanesses2166
Tom & Jerry283
Tom And Jerry3113
Tom Sawyer293
Tom Sawyer & Becky Thatcher4223
Tom Thumb283
Tony Soprano2114
Tony Stark's Alter Ego Iron Man6254
Tony The Tiger3124
Tooth Fairy2105
Top Cat263
Toucan Sam296
Trevor Fitzroy2136
Tribal Warrior2136
Troll Kings2105
Tweedledum & Tweedledee22010
Tweety Bird2106
Twitter Bird2117
Two-Face & Kingpin2147
Two-Headed Creature2179
Two-Headed Monster2169
Tyler Durden2115
Tyrion Lannister2156
Uncle Sam285
Underground Cave21511
Unicorns & Dragons2158
Urania The Muse3136
Uranus God Of The Sky5176
Ursula The Sea Witch4176
Ursula The Seawitch3176
Vampire Freaking Out At A Ray Of Sunlight8347
Vampire Jumping Out Of A Coffin6267
Vampire-Hunter Blade21813
Vampires & Zombies2158
Venus The Goddess Of Love & Beauty6275
Veronica & Betty2138
Viking Creature2146
Villains We Love To Hate5208
Vinnie Barbarino2156
Virtual Animals2147
Virtual Pets2117
Vivian Ward & Edward Lewis4216
Vulcan The God Of Fire5186
Wacky Sitcom Neighbors3205
Warlocks & Witches2158
Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley4257
Warren Worthington Iii3206
Wednesday & Pugsley Addams3229
Wednesday And Pugsley Addams4259
Werewolves & Monsters21810
Werewolves Vampires & Ghost32310
Werewolves Vampires & Ghosts32410
Werewolves, Vampires & Ghosts32411
Whimsical Elves2149
Whimsical Reindeer2179
White Lycan2105
White Lycon2105
Wicked Stepmother2166
Wicked Witch2116
Wicked Witch Of The West5206
Wile E. Coyote3114
Willy Wonka2105
Wilma & Pebble Flinstone3205
Wilma & Pebbles Flintstone3225
Wilma Flinestone & Betty Rubble4265
Wilma Flinstone2145
Wilma Flinstone & Betty Rubble4255
Wilma Flintstome & Betty Rubble4265
Wilma Flintstone2155
Wilma Flintstone & Betty Rubble4265
Winged Creatures2156
Winged Monkeys2136
Winged Monsters2146
Winnie The Pooh3136
Wise Old Owl3104
Wise Samurai2114
Wise Samuri2104
Witch Doctor2115
Witches & Wizards2147
Witches Around A Boiling Cauldron5297
Wizard Of Oz3106
Wizards & Warlocks2157
Wolverine & Mystique2179
Wolverine & Professor X3199
Wolverine & Storm2149
Wolverine & The X-Men3169
Wonder Girl2106
Wonder Woman2116
Wood Nymphs2104
Woodland Sprites & Pixies3218
Woody Woodpecker2155
X-Men Villain Magento3184
X-Men Villain Magneto3184
Yogi Bear & Boo Boo4144
Yosemite Sam2118
Yoshi & Toad295
Young Hobbit2115
Zero The Hero3114
Zeus & Aphrodite2134
Zeus & Hera284
Zeus King Of The Gods5174
Zeus: Leader Of The Olympic Gods6264

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