Don’t these beauty parlors put makeup on the feet?

By | July 3, 2023
She made us wait outside the beauty parlor for two and a half hours, when she came back after getting her make-up done, we couldn’t help but say… “Have you not received your number yet?” After that, his mouth remained as big as a bucket till morning.
On the day of Eid, her mood was much better since the morning, in the kitchen, swishes, kebabs and biryani were being made, we went to the kitchen and saw that she had worked very hard on herself today, well-made eyebrows, earrings in her ears. , she looked quite tolerable in her beautiful hairstyle and blue printed clothes and was busy cutting meat for biryani with deep red lipstick.
“Have you cut biryani meat with your teeth or drunk someone’s blood?” This time, as a punishment, tea was also banned along with food. The food was ready, but we were not asked, we were forced to bring burgers from outside and were eating sitting on the carpet below, when Mrs. took her food tray and sat down some distance away from us when our eyes fell on her feet. Once again, he asked helplessly that…
“Don’t these beauty parlors put makeup on their feet?” We still don’t remember where it broke, just a slight pain in the head.

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