Wheel of Fortune Cheats

Wheel of fortune is a television game originating from America and developed by Merv Griffin in 1975. It’s a form of competition in which contestants have to solve word puzzles. To win prizes and cash, one has to spin a giant carnival wheel. Since its first edition, these TV game has over 6, 000 aired episodes.


In 2008 and 2013, the game got rated as number 2 of the best game TV shows. Apart from the US, the game had popularity in over sixty nations currently. And this shows how the game is exciting to play and how popular it’s in the whole world.

How to Play Wheel of Fortune

The game involves different rounds, each of which incorporates a category and blank-word puzzle. The blank represents a letter for the answer. With punctuations well placed, most of the answers easy to guess. In 2016, the crossword puzzles got added to the game, and one wins by solving the whole mystery. One game involves three contestants, which can be individuals or groups of two. The players stay behind the single scoreboard. From the players’ position, the left of the scoreboard is red, yellow at the center and blue on the right.

To determine the dollar value, the contestants spin the wheel, then guess a consonant. Calling the correct letter earns the contestant the dollars before the corresponding flipper. The amount gets multiplied by how many times the consonant happens to be in the puzzle. If you call the correct letter, you remain to control the wheel and have a chance to spin it again. You can also decide to buy a vowel at $250 rate if you don’t want to solve the puzzle. As long as you have adequate dollars to buy the vowels, you can do it continuously.

You pass on the game to the next contestant if

  • The wheel stands on the loose turn or bankrupt.
  • You call a letter not contained in the puzzle.
  • You call a consonant previously drawn in the same round.
  • You fail to beckon a consonant with 5 seconds after the wheel stops.
  • You have an unsuccessful attempt to solving the puzzle.

The first three rounds come with a wild card that you can use to call an extra letter. It can also get extended to the bonus status. You can also earn a gift tag which gives you $1, 000 in cash or credit form. It also comes with ½ car tags prizes in the 2nd and 3rd rounds in which you can win a car. They also feature a unique wedge which if earned you can use it in the bonus round to play for $1 million. The bankrupt does not affect your score, apart from the fact that it does take your wild card away. In case you do not solve the puzzle worth $1000 per round either in cash or prizes, you get your amount increased to this level.

The third round of the wheel of fortune game takes place as in a speedup style. At the initial stage, the host will spin the wheel, and all the contestants will be worth the value on the red arrow, with an additional $1000. In a speedup round, constants’ value maintains despite the vowels bought. As a contestant, you spin the wheel, and if you call the correct letter, you have an additional three seconds in solving the puzzle. The winner of the speedup round has the most of the winnings and progresses to the bonus round. If you answer no questions, you get a consolation prize of $1, 000 or $2, 000 for the partner team.

The Bonus round

In the bonus round, you can win a variety of prizes. The lowest will be $1, 000 multiplied by the season number. You can also win two cars if it was a pair contestant, and their greatest award is $1 million. The highest honor had winners only three times in 2008, 2013 and 2014. The prize can be made in installments over the next 20 years or can decide to have the lump sum amount. If you don’t win the award, the host reveals its position on the wheel immediately after the bonus round.

Wheel of Fortune Cheats

While playing the game, you’ll find difficulties in some instances. At these points, you need help seeking wheel of fortune answers. The best place to find these answers is by using the wheel of fortune cheats. These cheats are available online in large number, and most of them will serve your quest. The wheel of fortune solvers can quickly solve a multi guessing puzzle.

Wheel fortune cheats base their answers on categories. You click on the group of your interest, type the number of words contained in the response you are looking for, and the solvers display all the possible solutions. The cheats will use patterns in realizing the best combination of words that suit your answer. They can use the blanks to identify possible words that fit the sports.

Most of the wheel of fortune cheats use statistics to find the most appropriate letter. Depending on how many times the character appears in the possible words, a character gets recommended as part of the wheel of fortune answers. In this case, you are using the wheel of fortune cheats’ solutions as a guide in your early rounds. You consider the word shape as well as letter distribution to identify the best solutions.

You can use the wheel of fortune cheats with online games as a guide in your training levels. You want to make sure that your guess power is good. With the wheel of fortune cheats, you gather possible suggestions which when combined with your thoughts helps you narrow the possibilities quickly.

Wheel of Fortune Answer

Wheel of fortune answers is below or in 8th grade level about their difficulty status. You can use these feature as a way to determine the most suitable letters to call while in the game.

In conclusion, the wheel of fortune is a game that challenges contestants mind and should not be a routine. It’s a game of speed and grammar. You can consider playing the online games, with the help of wheel of fortune cheats as a training to make the correct letter calls. If taken seriously, you can be the next winner of $1000000 of the 37th season or seasons to come.

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